Tucker Carlson’s Critique of Modern Conservatism

FOX host Tucker Carlson delivered an interesting monologue on January 3rd, criticizing members of the GOP elite for prioritizing economic growth over the social strength of the United States of America. Carlson played the role of a populist firebrand, rallying his audience against elites who have allowed for numerous social ills to develop while increasing their own profits – ensuring that a small minority of the American populace garners a larger and larger share of the economy of the United States. Carlson sounds downright left-wing at times, telling his audience that ” you ought to oppose the exploitation of Americans, whether it’s happening in the inner city or on Wall Street”. Carlson’s monologue can be summed up in a single point – Carlson states that “Anyone who thinks the health of a nation can be summed up in GDP is an idiot”.


Carlson is correct on many points. Marijuana use has risen in youth, particularly with the usage of e-cigarettes, and marriage rates have been plummeting. Blue collar work has been driven to extinction by foreign and robotic labor, resulting in major social problems – such as the Opioid Epidemic – in Middle America. Inequality is rising, as the top 1% accumulate wealth through returns on capital while factory jobs are driven to extinction. These are all serious problems faced by the country. Yes, the Dow Jones Industrial Average has virtually tripled since its lows in 2008. Yes, American GDP is growing at a strong pace. But the gains seem to be going into the pockets of the few, not the many.


The solutions are difficult, but they do exist. For starters, America must bring back her manufacturing jobs. The American government should raise the capital gains tax on the 400,000$ income bracket to 40% – the current income tax rate. The money raised from this tax raise may then be allocated towards a massive “industrial stimulus” to rebuild our infrastructure, incentivize companies to move manufacturing plants back to the United States, and construct plants which properly synthesize both manual and robotic labor. High-quality industrial jobs were once the base of the American economy and American society as a whole. America once had the largest and most productive manufacturing plants on Earth – but increasingly, we see these plants located in China, rather than in America. We shall let this occur no longer – America must have the largest and most productive factories, employing thousands of workers, supporting thousands of families, and building products to drive the future.


Raising tariffs is most certainly an option as well. Will prices on consumer goods rise? Almost certainly – but this is a small price to pay for the long term stability and strength of the United States of America. Cheap, overseas manufacturing is one of the main reasons behind the massive decline in manufacturing jobs – and, as a result, American social stability. This same manufacturing move to China has also resulted in a loss of American power for the benefit of the Chinese. America sold out her workers and her place in the world in exchange for slightly cheaper cars and TVs. This will turn out to be one of the largest blunders in history unless it is reversed.


Once the manufacturing jobs are brought back – via both industrial stimulus and moderate, but effective use of tariffs – all else will fall into place. Stable, well-paying jobs allow for families to thrive. Two-parent families – the families that America once had in abundance before the jobs left – are likely better than single-parent families (though data is still scarce), and industrial jobs will allow for the revival of the two-parent family. With a strong family, less of our youth will turn to drugs. This creates a virtuous cycle and reverses the death-spin slowly engulfing America since the end of the Cold War.


The intellectual battle for the future of the conservative ideology began in 2010 with the Tea Party and will roar on for the next decade. It is important that the right side – the side which prioritizes social stability and sustainable growth over investment returns for the 1% – emerges victorious and as an able competitor to a rapidly-evolving Democratic Party.


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